We here at the LAW OFFICES OF PULOS and ROSELL recognize that our clients need to know what they can expect from our attorney client relationship and some of the goals we work toward.

Over the years we have learned many things. They will help you understand us.

We believe the following hold true in Steuben County, Allegany County and New York’s Southern Tier:

1. Your case is important to us.

2. Working nights and weekends is a way of life for us.

3. We must be ourselves with you.

4. We work hard.

5. We are proud of our law office.

6. We must be able to read and understand massive amounts of material, know the file and the client and never be afraid to ask any question.

7. We and you must understand that everyone in this world must share.

8. We and you must take the good with the bad.

9. We are tenacious, thorough, and persistent.

10. We work to be temperate and restrained.

11. We always learn from others, particularly our clients.

12. Organization is a key to our success.

13. We participate in civic activities.

14. We can’t be afraid to bill our clients, even our close friends.

15. We aren’t afraid to do research.

16. We can find statutes and regulations.

17. We don’t start cases we can’t finish.

18. Courage in the face of adversity is a key to our success.

19. There is a difference between courage and stupidity.

20. We don’t attempt to tell others what to do with their hard-earned money.

21. Remember but for the grace of God, We Practice non-judgment.

22. The good lawyer has good judgment and common sense.

23. We give our clients respect and loyalty.

24. We do not make frivolous arguments.

25. We are creative.

We hope that you understand our goals and can help us.

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